onsdag 1. juli 2009

Dare to share

When I grew up in Norway I quickly learned that sharing was not more of a vulgar American phenomena: You just didn´t do it.
You keep it for yourself, whatever it is. Somebody might steel it, grab it, misuse it, knock it to the ground: Your wonderful idea. And of course I have experienced the occasional theft from a vulture or two.
One time when I was working as a journalist in broadcasting, I joined a group of good colleagues for lunch. Overwhelmed by my own creativity I through ideas around with the salad. Later one of these colleagues told me about a program that was in. It was my idea. The person couldn´t even look me in the eyes.
I still do the same throwing enthusiastic thoughts around when talking to people and from time to time I still experience that my ideas are produced by in one way or another. So what is different? Me – I am different, I don´t care that much. I rather enjoy that I managed to inspire someone to be creative and produce something.
I now look upon the world as a place where we all pull together. Perhaps it's simply a question of getting older. You discover that everyone really are going in the same direction. Even legends, more recently the late Michael Jackson. And legends should not be able to die. By daring to share I have discovered that I get something. Not always there and then, but suddenly, someone is doing something nice to me. It's like a cosmic law. This cosmic law seems very naturally to Internet. On Facebook I have asked people I hardly dare asking questions face to face the most intricate questions, and got a response. Daring to share is part of how the Internet works. Still I am not stupid. I am not sharing everything. There are vultures everywhere. But I just can´t stop to wonder - what would happened to the vultures, if they could be persuaded to share too?

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