mandag 29. juni 2009

Step on a sperm!

This weekend I was invited by one of my best friends and his two sons for a special outing. When my friend asked his sons were they most of all would like to go in Oslo, it was not to the amusement park, nor the beach, butyes to the Technological museum..
I was amazed!!
Not only was this a museum for children, where we were walking in rubber boots in five inches of water, driving electrical boats in an imaginary world of melted ice, but it was also a play ground for adults. My many hundreds question about how electricity is made, , how did old phones work, how long is your response time were answered. There was even a own place were the could dismantle a phone and then put it back together, and getting a diploma for doing that.

Still, while walking amongst all the wonders human ingenuity has created in the past 150 years, one can´t stop reflecting on several contradictions of our time: At the museum childrens see, and experience how electricity is made, they can run after a light-sperm on the floor and try to stop it, they can make rubber balls fly in the air - but how many adults still have a problems to use their own phones? How many really understand how the Internet works? How many experience fear when they need to change their mobile phone or computer?
So perhaps this is an idea for the creative museum: Bring your computer and we will help you to understand it?

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