mandag 13. juli 2009

The jungle of information – no thanks!

Today a former colleague told me up-front on Facebook that he would never read my blogg. The world of Internet seem to have grown into a jungle of information, impossible for many people to get an overview of the enormous amount of a new world. Shutting the door to this ever growing weed jungle seems like a perfectly sensible thing to do.
But even if you close the door, the weather will keep developing outside. You can´t stop the rain, but you can try to avoid it, or using an umbrella as long as it works.
What is actually happening? There is a movement going on. A couple of days ago we read how there are more grandparents on Facebook than younger people. People are starting to trust their friends and Facebook social network more than the media. Or like Jeff Jarvis writes in his book What Would Google Do, about how even BBC has lost lot of it´s credibility in the users eyes. And people don´t see as much prime time TV as before.
In much the same way people use to emmigrate from Europe to USA in the old days, they now move virtually from an old analogue world into a digital world. One might be reminded of great literature like Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness where the main character is wandering into the darkness of the jungle, with no clue of what he might find. The user of the web faces much of the same darkness. One needs guides.
Media are queuing up, hoping to be that guide, or at least, create sites bringing order in chaos. And the content comes from the jungle: A jungle of us, the people, the creators of content.
So it seems as if the choice is to join the jungle of the Internet, or not. The last aspect might feel like it did for some of those who tried to catch the ship to America in the 1880´ties, but didn´t reach it. Or might I be, just might be, mistaken, maybe it was the Titanic. It´s still hard to know. Like it was in 1880!

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