mandag 22. juni 2009

A crows intermezzo

It’s June 22. I have been working on a forthcoming paper since early morning.
I guess there isn’t an English word for it – but I am rather cooked.
While trying to blog this evening I am listening to a beautiful soprano voice coming from the garden on the other side of my street.
- Ave Maria, Ave Maria, she sings.
For some reason the singer seems stuck to that line, going on for an hour with the phrase. Two seconds ago a crow came tumbling down through the leaves in the trees.
- Craw, craw, craw, he says – as being fed up with the singers tryouts.
- Shut up, the singer shouts.
The crow seems to be more sensitive to the audience reaction than the singer. He or she really shut up. Maybe surprised of the commanding voice. My husband suggests right now that I should go to the window and shout: I agree with the crow.
Anyhow, the blog is more than an intermezzo to day, than a real blog. The theme of librarians and writers has to wait. I am too tired. It happens.
But I got a good laugh.

As should you.

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