torsdag 25. juni 2009


Last week I attended a seminar about quality in film. It was only natural to raise exploring questions about the film industry recruiting young talents.
It should be enough to have a good idea, an eloquent script, fabulous characters, and a good chance for the characters to develop in a dramatical sense. But hey… something is missing. Can you guess what? What is more important than structure, a visual voice, a storytelling voice, characters, you name it… exactly: Money.
Traditionally there has always been a strong connection between film and money. Strange then why the industry has not taken the new media opportunities to heart when looking for new talents?
There is this most peculiar contradiction: The film industry seems to think a sure way to a box office hit is the script. This said, there are thousands of thousands of new voices at YouTube and other places on the net. And of course there are executives in the industry welcoming the countless number of people who uses their freedom of speech - and save money for journalist salaries. Tracking down stars on YouTube – doesn’t cost money. So why not look where the new talents are today?
Are there not better ways to stimulate the overwhelming group of growing talent out there? Fundings? Scholarships? Free film classes, or film education? For while some part of the media are tumbling down, there are others making money of all that free work pouring into Internet. What about giving something back? Hello? Google? Gates? You tube? Somebody?

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