tirsdag 23. juni 2009

Roomy enough for a female norwegian butt

Sunny, warm, slightly windy, the hours of lunch abraces me. I am on my way to the gym. Not very inspired. Not very eager. More haunted by the thought of what will happen to me if I continue to keep “sitting down” as my primary hobby.
After days in the shady light, and with a mission of finishing a paper to the conference at Nordiske Mediedager at Karlstad, I look more like someone from midwinter Siberia than present sunny Norway. Everywhere tanned bodies pass me in the street. Yes, I know, I was going to write about librarians and writers in my blog today. Still having in mind the strict production of journalism, it feels like a taste of freedom to not having too follow up on my promise. Isn't bloging about follow distractions as well? Follow the production itself. I might be mistaken.
My distraction this day is shopping. Not for myself, mind you. Through the festive years before the present financial crises, I have started to suffer from “non-shopping-desire-disorder”.

How many times haven´t I walked into a fashion store with my whole busy academic life in a tired sports-bag, hoping to get some service and help. It never happened. The women (mostly) behind the counter usually screened my shopping ability faster than it took for me to cross the treshold. Being an object of screen-testing - and not in the good sense - usually left me with two choices: To stay or to leave.
Today I passed a shop, Zibo, at Skovveien in Oslo. Outside the shop pants where hanging in a row, with promising discounts, but even more, promising normal waistlines! I instantly thought about a good friend of mine who at some point reacted to shopping-mocking by stopping to shop. This made her happier, more liberated, but definitely less good looking.
I therefore picked two discount pants and courageously crossed the threshold. A smiling face wished me welcome. Her shop is offering Norwegian jeans by a Norwegian Stavanger-based designer, Øivind Bjaanes. A design which promises a better fit for Norwegian women obviously more acquainted with breakfast and dinners than those who live by the life of “Sex and no food”. So today's catch for a normal Norwegian female: Two jeans. A medicine against mock-the-shopper: A smiling face.

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