fredag 19. juni 2009

About organizing oneself!

When I first started to walk out on that bridge being called "going from journalist" to bekconing PhD student, it was scary, but more than everything it was as taking a jump from a place where I was making three to four documentaries for television each year, into an ocean of having to make 60 documentaries a year. And I, who had thought being a PhD student was going to give me time to spare. I no longer know the meaning of those words.
But to look on the bright side of life, to quote Life of Brian, it has given me a possibility to learn how to take a step at a time. Have Ilearnt?
Not at all. Walking on the PhD road though, one cannot aviod picking up an advice
or two. Most important is simply just to get it down there. Or as Hollywood always says: DO THE DAMN THING. Preferably early in themorning.
Why? Well, there are still some hours of the day where there are no twittering, sms, mobilphones, facebook-messages that interfere. So in these hours there is a vast possibility - if taken.
Suggestion of the day to busy ADHD-strucken digital people: Do the damn thing.
And PS: Laugh. Laugh as much as you can.
To Norwegian friends: Take time to laugh during the day.

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