søndag 21. juni 2009

Here comes a knock-out!

It is Sunday. It is afternoon tea. It is time for a reflection of the recent week.
My last week is still influenced by Jeff Jarvis and What would Google do?
Jarvis says that a key to understanding the Internet´s impact on society is the fact that now everyone is able to organize themselves without organizations.
I still remember how wise men in the nineties religiously talked about the future of the individual. It was going to come. It is now here.
Jarvis even suggest in his book how everyone who is bored with their jobs should start to blog for money. Blogging will create network, networks create new possibilities in the working fields. Well, I wouldn’t bet a financial crisis on Jarvis being right on that one. But he puts forward some wonderfully -anarchistic ideas about the times we are living in. I love them.
Jarvis writes how this is a time where a lot of people are dissatisfied with their jobs. His point is showing what a huge impact the Internet has on how we organize ourselves in our society. This also has an impact on the organizations themselves.
One of Jarvis amazing stories is about when he complained about a Dell computer. Complaining on the phone is no longer of any use. One has to blog the complaint. It took Jarvis a year before the snowball he pushed downhill bloggwise started too seriously effect Dell. So a blogger might have a profound impact on even the almighty organizationsfrom the outside.. But what about the organizations themselves? When will the new openness of Internet's divine or demonic powers effect working places? Hey, you´re wrong someone might say. Organizations won´t be effected by the Internet. I guess, being a Norwegian and in a way more like a hillbilly in Europe, I guess it already has? If you tell me about it. I am here to learn.
I am not quite able to see were Jarvis predictions will end. But I did realize something while reading him, I started to think that the Internet consists of two kinds of human: The writers and the librarians. Too grasp more of this …. You have to follow the next episode of this blog.

Og husk å le… tross alt …. Selv om det ikke alltid forlenger livet.


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